Alex and the Butterflies Hardback Book (+free song)


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Meet the book that will inspire your 5+ year old to persevere through obstacles. Based on experiences the author had as a kid that helped her become a successful business owner, this book will empower your little ones to overcome whatever challenges they are struggling with and achieve anything they can imagine! 🦋
Alex is a little girl who is often brave and bold, but still believes she can’t do certain difficult things that scare her. One day, she encounters two butterflies that lead her to a parade of tiny ants. “Wow,” Alex thought, “Even though they are little, they are very strong!” Later, she encounters baby birds learning to fly… and finally she understands. With a little bravery and a lot of determination, she can accomplish big things! 🦋
Each book is supported with discussion questions to help you understand your child’s goals and their hesitations, so you can better empower them. Additionally, musician Hannah McDonald has generously written and recorded an original song that comes as a free download with each purchase. This song, ‘I Can Do Big Things’, has been a huge hit with kids! They love singing along to the easy lyrics and dancing to the upbeat tempo! Check out a reading of the book and a performance on YouTube. 🦋
This book was written for the littles in your life who believe they are too little or too shy. May it help them find the confidence to try try try until they succeed. 🦋

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