Through a series of fascinating encounters, a little girl learns the power of a positive mindset and perseverance when faced with challenges. I wrote the children’s book Alex and the Butterflies and Hannah wrote the song ‘I Can Do Big Things’, to help children (like my kids and my niece) triumph over perceived limitations, so their accomplishments can be as big as their dreams. 

This message is one that will always be important. But, with so much uncertainty in the world today, what better time to give children the tools to gain a solid footing and become stronger and more resilient? So, for any child who has ever said, “I’m too little,” “I’m too scared,” or “I’m too shy,” I hope this book and song give them the courage to keep trying.

Hannah and I have partnered with the Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation on this book and song! In addition to donating copies of the book to kids in the hospital, a percentage of sales will be given to this worthy organization. Learn more about Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation.

What People Say

Now I know that one day I can do the monkey bars since Alex did it!

Patrick, Age 5

I like that if you feel like you can’t do it, the book tells you that you can try again.

Izzy, Age 9

I think my students can relate and will be encouraged to know sometimes a new skill just takes practice.

Nathan, Elementary Art Teacher

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